Sculpture wall

In this project our client asked us to raise a typical garden wall with timber for privacy purposes. Seeing that she had various ceramic works standing around her garden co-creators designed niches in the wall cladding to accommodate the sculptures. The lengths of the timber slats were all different and we left them uncut to render... Read more »

Bio-char maker

What does one do with all the recycled timber in the urban environment? With a bio char maker you can make Charcoal as well as an inexpensive stove. We made one at the Woodstock to recycle all the off-cuts we collect. Please note that some timber has been impregnated with flame retardant and is poisonous... Read more »

A simple Cockroach trap

In this day and age we need to examine the environment we have created and ask ourselves how sustainable it is to continue poisoning our houses with chemicals designed to kill “pests”.At the Woodstock peace garden, our landscapers yard, we are involved in a social r-evolution.We play with ways that city dwellers may choose to... Read more »

Aquaponics at the Woodstock Peace Garden

Natural Pools are becoming more popular and Co-creators have been involved in designing a few. Growing food is on the rise as is water management, storage and re-use. At our landscapers yard, the Woodstock Peace Garden, we have the ultimate combination- an aquaponics system. Aquaponics is a combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture. Understanding how integrated... Read more »

Garden ‘energises’ urban space

Article from: The Tatler, Thursday 29 September Once derelict area now helps autistic children and community The Woodstock Peace Garden described as the “pizza slice shaped property” at the top of Mountain Road in Woodstock has grown tremendously since its inception three years ago. Landscaper Bruce Beyer told the Tatler the garden is an initiative... Read more »