Our services

We offer a continuous landscaping design and implementation service: from introduction to full completion of your landscape, including maintenance to ensure the vision for your garden is realised over time. Quoting is efficient and accurate with transparent bills of quantity.

With our flair for design and our ‘can-do’ attitude, virtually anything is possible. We like creating indigenous, water-wise gardens as well as wet and dripping, exotic gardens. We enjoy immersing ourselves in water features with water plants and creatures, crafting stone walls, laying pavers, planting up seasonal vegetables in food gardens, feasting on food forests, experimenting with aquaponics and setting up permaculture and self-sufficiency gardens as well as conventional gardens. We don’t limit ourselves to ground level; we love climbing ladders to vertical and rooftop gardens.

The Co-Creators’ process



First I need to meet you and your space. Together we will explore your needs and the possibilities that the space may provide.

Fee Proposal

After our first meeting I will propose a master plan fee. The master plan provides an overview for planning and costing purposes. It usually consists of a coloured-up, to-scale drawing with annotations. It generates the design for the project.


Once you’ve accepted the master plan fee proposal, we schedule a client interview and time to measure-up on site. At the interview we brainstorm, drink coffee and dream what could be.

Design Time

During design time, we encourage our clients call us and discuss ideas or send us images or inspiration. We like to meet up with you halfway through the process to check that we are still ‘on the same page’.


At the presentation, we show you our final drawings and mood boards. We like to bring along live plants and cuttings as a bouquet of textures, smells and colours.


Once you’ve had time to think about the master plan, you may require a budget estimate. We create an area-by-area cost analysis, on an hourly fee basis, that will allow you to see where the values lie. Prior to installation we require a commitment to our terms and a deposit. We prefer working on a cost-plus basis with regular budget analysis as projects change.


We dig, we build and we co-create, resulting in a beautiful and unique landscape.