About us

At Co-Creators we are dedicated to making beautiful gardens. No job is too big or small. We build unique landscapes in collaboration with our clients and specialised sub-contractors. We combine design and installation in one package: from visualisation to manifestation.

We have grown

Co-Creators began work in 2000 with just a bakkie and a spade, when architect-turned-landscaper Bruce Beyer helped a client design and install a garden. Thirteen years later, we have established a variety of flourishing gardens and collaborated with many satisfied clients. Co-Creators now employs six permanent staff and – using containers full of equipment – we have designed and installed gardens as far afield as Brenton, Plettenberg, Bay and Betty’s Bay.

Where you’ll find us

Our design office at 97 Balfour Street, Woodstock, Cape Town is situated in an idyllic inner-city forest garden, created by us. Our installation team developed the Woodstock Peace Garden on the corner of Mountain and Palmerston Roads and now operates from it.

Who we are

At Co-Creators we value honesty, integrity and responsibility. People are what drive and grow our business.

Management team

  • Bruce runs the whole show: from inspiration to implementation. As experienced architect and landscaper, Bruce designs each aspect of each project, including the sketch plans, master plans and technical drawings. He pursues each job with energy and focus, paying attention to detail, from initial meeting through to implementation and maintenance. Bruce runs Co-Creators like a family, instilling values such as honesty, a strong work ethic, creativity, flexibility, patience and determination. Besides knowing a lot about design, plants, fish and people, Bruce speaks fluent Xhosa and practises Tai Chi.
  • Noel McCully (BAS BArch, UCT, Pr.Arch 5597). Noel manages the design office and is responsible for producing the architectural computer drawings and assisting with the hand-drawn master plans. Noel also runs ENRG Architects and is an artist and beekeeper.


  • Fuzile Socishe, machine operator. Fuzi is our machinery expert, tree feller and team spokesperson. He has completed two courses with BC Landscape Training and Consultancy and has been with us for eight years. As the longest-serving member of our team, he has a good grasp of onsite logistics.
  • Willard is the youngest member of our team and works very hard. Always happy to help and grateful to be a co-creator he has a bright future

Other creators we enjoy working with

  • Marijke Honig (BSc (Bot) (Hons), UCT), botanist, THINK ECOLOGIC, Beyer Honig Landscapes. Marijke’s knowledge of plant growth, colours and textures, combined with the ability to envisage the completed landscape, provides the effect of magically transforming a space over time. Marijke has designed, in detail, the plants used in many of our projects and she is very involved during planting, positioning each plant on site.
  • Rob Mackenzie, landscape artist, stone walling expert, Rockit Landscapes. When it comes to hard landscaping, stone walls, terraces, benches, stairs and garden sculpture, Rob is your man. While honing his skills in New York, he adopted a New York work ethic and is a hardworking, fast-walking, fast-talking stone mason, artist and rock star.
  • Fiona Powrie (BSc. (Hons) Dip. Hort.), horticulturist, Dragonplants. Having worked at Kirstenbosch for many years, Fiona has a deep knowledge of indigenous plants. When she’s not carpeting the world with plants she can be found working with canine beings as a pack leader in Paarl. She shares the Aloe Project with Co-Creators.
  • Steven Smits (Landscape Tech. CT.), Romi Irrigation. A third-generation irrigation expert, Steven is approachable and knows all there is to know about what plants need in terms of water. All his pipe work is hidden and he makes it rain or trickle whenever it is needed.
  • Francois Krige, Krige Tree Service. For tree felling, root and stump removal as well as pruning and tree transportation, Francois is the best in the business. His trucks are all over town and the trees he fells are turned into mulch and firewood. He frequently donates mulch to worthy causes like Greenpop and the Woodstock Peace Garden. He is committed to sustainable forestry and stewards an indigenous forest in Platbos (between Gansbaai and Baardskeurdersbos).
  • Clare Bell (ND Horticulture) is a horticulturist specializing in garden maintenance. She takes care of many of the gardens we have installed as well as being involved in plant selection on new projects. Her involvement at the Woodstock Peace Garden is also much appreciated.

Our beliefs and ideals

At Co-Creators we believe in collaborating and ‘co-creating’ landscapes with our clients as well as with our specialised sub-contractors. Our intention is that everyone should enjoy the experience of creating a new garden. Moving to a new home or building and renovating can be exciting but disruptive. These times also offer the opportunity for transformation and to achieve a state of balance. Our philosophy is to bring harmony to the design and process of garden installation by using feng shui, sacred geometry and environmentally friendly practices and creating and holding a space of responsibility, integrity and discipline on site.

How we work


Design is a process of understanding your needs, the site and your budget so that we can distil a timeless design. Design is where everything starts, to ensure that we arrive at the right ideas and communicate them well.

Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping involves the structure of the landscape and includes installing walls, screens, steps, decks, irrigation and paving. Hard landscaping incorporates the art of shaping a stone wall and the choice and positioning of pots or fixed furniture. For this, Co-Creators has a preferred team of experienced and skilled sub-contractors.

Soft landscaping

Soft landscaping involves the soils, compost and plants we add to your garden. Soil analysis and plant choice become the focus and we require a skilled botanist or horticulturist to be a part of the team.


Arboriculture involves the removal, safe pruning and care of trees. For this, Co-Creators works with a preferred team of experienced and skilled sub-contractors.