In this project our client asked us to raise a typical garden wall with timber for privacy purposes. Seeing that she had various ceramic works standing around her garden co-creators designed niches in the wall cladding to accommodate the sculptures.hols 005 The lengths of the timber slats were all different and we left them uncut to render an unexpected decoration until plants begin growing at the base of the screen. We rerouted lights from the base of the wall and re-positioned these in the    niches. We initially thought we would paint the timber screen but the warm natural colours of the timber created a soft, natural and textured feeling and we decided to leave it unpainted. Also part of the masterplan of this intimate courtyard garden was a timber seat. We like to design permanent seating or “day beds” into gardens where one can go to relax. A sloped back really helps to create a lounging environment. This deck is Ipei and the bench is gum. WPG 091 WPG 084 WPG 017